Torch Club

What is the torch club?

 The Torch Club teaches young adults how to build good character and leadership skills. As part of the Torch Club, members will learn to make good decisions and how to help others. There are four parts to help others:

  1. Service to club and community In this area, members can make and send birthday and greeting cards to others in the center, children’s hospital, or senior homes and help with special events at the center.
  2. Education Members become self-aware, learn to get along with others, set personal goals and learn to solve problems. They can also visit museums and historical points of interest, listen to guest speakers and careers, write poems, set school related goals, and help others with homework
  3. Health and Fitness   Learn about good nutrition and well being along with a physical and healthy lifestyle. Members can plan and conduct a fitness club for others, organize health fairs for the club, learn about healthy cooking, invite college athletes to speak about discipline, and plan exercise demonstrations.
  4. Social Recreation   Learn to interact and get along with others. Members can host a character appreciation party, attend cultural events, host special parties (birthdays, end of school, etc.), and host game tournaments and talent shows or skits.

Our first meeting will be Thursday, September 26th at 4:30 pm, we will discuss what members believe makes a leader, create a special name for our Torch Club, and discuss our monthly aspect (service, health and fitness, or social.) Only for ages 11-13


  1. All members from Torch Club must attend homework help Monday thru Friday for at least 30 min.
  2. All members must attend every meeting.
  3. For each time a member is on the wall points will be deducted and if you are on the wall for more than 6 times you will be determinated from the program.
  4. Members will be helping other staffs in different locations in the club. For example: helping run tournaments in the games room, helping out in the art room, help others with homework, Front desk, and other rooms. You will be receiving a paper signed from the person you helped and what you did.
  5. You must maintain your grades to an A B C average, Remember School is really important.
  6. We will participate in 1 Community Service Project that will serve our Club.
  7. We will participate in 1 Community Service Project that will serve our City.
  8. We will have different speakers for different topics once or twice a month. These are the four topics we need to accomplish, Education, Health & Fitness, Social Recreation, and Service to club and Community.
  9. There will be a fieldtrip at the end of the year that all Torch Club members will attend.